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Home Automation Company in Toronto, ON

Really simple.

What if you could control everything for your safety, security, comfort and lifestyle with a single touch? Inside and out. In every room. From wherever you are and from any device – anywhere, anytime. From a single app.


We specialize in new construction, and work with you and your building/ design team – your way.

We get involved at the early stages to plan for peak performance, optimal aesthetics and cost efficiencies. And we stay involved – before, during and well after installation is complete.

And ‘Future Proof’.

CLEAN, SMART + SIMPLE: for easier servicing and reduced costs.

FLEXIBLE: allowing for new technologies and additions for your needs or for prospective buyers.

TRANSPARENT: Everything you’ll ever need to access your new technology.

  • Audiovisual
  • Home Theatre
  • Motorized Shades
  • Lighting
  • Climate Controls
  • Internet
  • Life Safety
  • Security + Access + Cameras

All the sound there is – your way.

Every member of your family can enjoy their favourite music, movie, game or program – from any room, any source, anytime – without disturbing anyone else.

Definition so high, sound so clear and bass so tight, you’ll be lost in the moment.

Stream your itunes, satellite radio and TV, internet, media servers, am/fm stations, cable TV and even your legacy audio. Plus store everyone’s entire music, movie and gaming collections with no signal loss, and access them from anywhere in or around your home.

More focused sound – where, and when you want it.

Our custom methods channel sound directly into any room – even your spa, ensuite or walk-in closet.

High Definition picture + mind blowing surround sound.

Hear the bullets whiz past your head! Gasp at the sound of the explosion! Fly out of your chair as the tsumami crashes over you! State-of-the-art projectors, screens, Blu-ray, latest video streaming services and cabling put you right where the action is.

And a total experience that puts you right in the action!

Luxurious seating that can move with the action. Perfect lighting and temperature. And any theme you can think of, from Disney to Paris, Star Trek to Vintage-Luxe.

If you can dream it, we can do it.

Silent, beautiful, and shades above the rest.

Connectrix partners with Crestron for the highest quality shades, crafted for every window, and customized to your design sensibilities.

Our trained, certified shades specialists work with you and your designer.

Create privacy, set the mood and enhance your home security.

Combine the automation of your shades with customized lighting and temperature controls for the ultimate in comfort.

Hello, goodbye and good night.

We can customize your system to know when you’re in a room, if you’re home or away, or if you’ve gone to bed but your teenager is still out.

And if you come home after dark or leave before daylight, your lighting will know.

We can program for daylight, late night, date night, usage, or...

One touch sets your customized program from anywhere, anytime, for maximum comfort and minimal energy consumption.

Cozy, cool and cost effective.

Odds are, your heating and air conditioning are blasting when they don’t need to be.

Connectrix lets you automatically regulate temperature and humidity in different parts of the house.

Set and forget: so smart, it learns as it goes.

Connectrix systems sense temperature changes outside and automatically adapt to sunrise, sunset, seasons, and your personal patterns.

Stay connected – all the time.

It’s a wireless world. Our personal lives and business lives depend on our connections working – all the time. The right wiring and compatibility, proper installation, and planning make the difference.
But just in case, one touch support is there.

In an emergency, every moment counts.

When fire, life and safety, lighting, security and environmental systems work together, it doesn’t matter if you’re asleep, away, or hard of hearing.

Really smart automation can save your home, your contents, your insurance rates – and your life.

But smoke is not always fire.

Your system will place a call for help and alert you as well. You’ll know if it’s really an emergency.

Even so, it can cause enormous property loss, and requires thoughtful programming.

Knowledge is comfort.

Cameras and CCTV give you eyes everywhere – from any device

Security is all about feeling safe and comfortable. Know who is coming and going, who is at your door, in your house, or outside.

Know if your teens are home, the dog walker picks up Fido and how the nanny is interacting with the kids.

Provide access on your terms.

Have your doorbell connect to your phone, so you can speak to whoever is at your door, then unlock it from your personal device – only if you want to. Open the garage for a delivery, and close it again when you see the courier leave. Get remote video monitoring, text and email alerts when doors or windows are opened.

Look after your home and family, from anywhere.

Home or away, one touch automatically locks down your house. Motion sensors activate. Doors are bolt-locked. Perimeter lights go on and your system is armed.

Full visibility and better insurance rates.

Police are called. Lights flash, alarms sound and help arrives to a well-lit house with full visibility. Plus, CCTV and security systems have caught the culprit on camera.