Laser 6500: Dazzling Colour, Lifespan & Value

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Laser projectors are not what they used to be. Solid-state illumination systems are shedding new light on AV systems. They produce bright, stable and colour-accurate imagery with low lifetime costs. And with 20,000 hours of illumination life and no lamp replacements, they’re fantastic value.

What does that look like in real time? Our client, a church with a large congregation, relied heavily on its laser projector to draw audiences and keep them engaged. But spending more than $2,000 a year replacing bulbs and inconsistent performance put a strain on a tight budget and dimmed the visual impact.

They’re not alone. We’ve heard it from business clients and other performance-based spaces: lamp replacement is a frequent cause of frustration, and a significant cost. When you have everything riding on a presentation for your most important prospect, client or audience, the last thing you need is your laser projector to go down. The new illumination systems bypass all that, producing a dazzling visual experience you can rely on. And the E-Vision 6500 Laser Projector does it best for the money in our opinion.

It also offers almost unlimited flexibility. Tilt and operate the projector in any direction – vertically, horizontally, and everywhere in between –without compromising the light source. New to the E-Vision Series, the 6500 LASER is an entry-level model, but we really like it. It boasts 6,500 lumens, impressive color, and advanced image contrast of 5000:1. You can also run it in DICOM simulation mode – a nice touch.

Another reason we really like this projector for our corporate and venue-based clients is its whisper-quiet operation – no whirring fans or annoying humming to distract – particularly in a small space. In a large space, an HDBaseT interface lets you project beautiful high-def video from 100 metres away on an inexpensive standard LAN cable. The 6500 is the perfectly compatible partner to Crestron RoomView Connected.

At Connectrix, we’re all about staying on top of the latest technologies and providing the best quality and value for our clients. The long lifespan and stellar performance of this laser projector fits our passions and commitments to a T. But seeing is believing. Call us to see it in action.