Twin Peeks: Double-Sided TV & Curved Video Screens

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Twin Peeks: What would you do with a 2-sided TV?

LG is back in the game and stronger than ever. It previewed its razor-thin, dual projection video screen at InfoComm and CES16, and, like everyone else who viewed it, we’re blown by the technology. They’ve put a TV on the back of their TV, made it picture perfect, and packed it into a depth that’s less than a millimetre. No wonder it was the winner of best in show!

There aren’t so many battles for the TV today as most homes have multiple televisions or screens, or someone takes off to another room or spot on the couch with their headphones and laptop to catch their favourite show. They’re great for the diversity, but less so for family bonding or better use of space. Or maybe the better w ay to watch two shows at once. LG’s double-sided screens provide twice the entertainment in a small space. Check it out at

Commercially, there is no limit to the possibilities. Available in a range of sizes from small and discrete to 55 and 65 inch double OLED screens, and at only 1mm thick, they can be hung anywhere, angled in a variety of ways and have an undistorted 180 degree visibility of completely different content running simultaneously on both sides.

Or put them together and go really big! Dynamic, powerful and traffic stopping –the Vertical Tiling OLED (VTO) is a series of its 65” double-sided panels connected to form a ‘S’ shaped display. It’s sensational!! Follow the curve at

Sexy Silhouettes: Curved S shaped wide screen displays


LG also unveiled its video wall and curved, wide-screen s-shaped displays. Applicable to everything from digital signage to full motion video, they’re ideal most anywhere you can think of, or for any purpose. Think airports; train stations; restaurants, bars and clubs; car dealerships, commercial lobbies, tourist attractions; or trade shows and product launches.

At the extreme end of the spectrum, LG has thrown the ultimate curve ball. It’s an 18-inch OLED display that can be rolled up like a newspaper and tucked under your arm or into a briefcase or backpack so you can take your show on the road. We’d integrate it through your tablet or smart phone.

This is one cool product series that we’re excited to integrate with AV, lighting, climate control and the other technologies for our residential and commercial clients. We also understand that even with curves, extra sides and extra exposure, the impact is only as good as the content. So we’ve partnered with experts in content and production to deliver it all. Another option if you need it – we’re all about giving you what you need, making it the best and making it easy.