Infocomm16: Audiovisual Innovations on the Floor and On Trend

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We spent two full days on the floor of Infocomm16 in Las Vegas this month, and while we saw a lot of ‘me toos’, there were definitely some innovations that made us stand back in awe and say, “WOW”. With over 12,000 square feet to cover, there was a lot to stop and gawk at, explore, question and discuss, and some things on both days that we want to know more about and think you should too. From drones with state-of-the-art AV to wire-free lighting and new AV technology that will revolutionize retail, we’re excited about them and about playing a role in integrating those technologies.

Over our next few blogs, we’re going to be sharing the whats, whys and ‘Holy Cows!’ of what’s new in the world of AV and integration for home and business, so you’ll be ready when we say, “Let’s do it.”

Let’s start with this one.

If You Didn’t Think Drones Were Big…


You’re in for a surprise. Like many people, you might think of drones as either an expensive toy, or possibly a dark, covert form of government spyware – either way, something that’s more hindrance than help. But the name of the game is innovation, and Flymotion had the floor highlighting state-of-the-art audiovisual into these powerful little units that reach a whole new altitude. Watch for these drones to become the new staple for things like surveying in hard to reach places, and search and rescue operations, and companies like Connectrix to integrate the technology.