Wireless Lighting Systems: The Future is Flexible

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Let’s say I want to build a house. My house, the way I want it. I get what I ask for, but some of what I want today, or feel like today, could change tomorrow, or next week or next month. Or room to room. That especially applies to lighting.

Currently, long before the walls are up, the designer will come in and specify lighting types and a colour spectrum – soft, warm, yellow, blue, incandescent, LED… then the electricians come in to wire the house based on those specifications. Up goes the drywall, and you’re stuck with those decisions.

Colourbeam has entered the market with cutting edge LED full spectrum technology that can be integrated into your home, or business – without the need for high voltage wiring or electricians. And the technology is a game changer.

LED bulbs are connected in a digi-chain – like a network – using low volt cable instead of traditional wiring. Your personal lighting network can be comprised of anything you want – spots, floods, halogens, incandescent – but all are LED. They’re low voltage, draw less energy, are environmentally friendly, and will result in significant savings in these days of ever-rising electricity costs.

What’s even more important though is that there’s no need to make any lighting decisions up front. With a control panel and keypad, you can adjust the colour anytime it suits your mood, and on a room-by-room basis. Your lighting decisions can be spur of the moment, but the bulbs last a lifetime. And that flexibility and sustainability will add untold value to the resale of your home.

We love the simplicity, flexibility, auto-control and sustainability factors of this product. They’re in keeping with what we stand for and we’re already on the way to integrating them. Our Crestron touch panels and keypads are already set up with a 100% low voltage lighting system. Colourbeam technology lets us take it, and our clients, to the next level of flexible, single-touch control.

Of course, if you’re a bit concerned about doing away with your electricians, or about what might happen if the technology manufacturer suddenly goes under, there is a middle ground. It’s a simple task to run both the traditional high-voltage wiring along side the low-volt cabling and have it there – just in case. But according to Colourbeam, the technology is here – already in place in one of the Four Seasons Hotels.

So you could run both – just in case – so you can flip over to the old technology very simply. But we’re confident that this trend is going to take the world by storm, and as it does, we’ll be ready to light up our clients’ imaginations.